Energy Stream Therapy


Energy Stream Therapy
experiencing consciousness

Pure divine consciousness can be experienced in its five qualities: bliss, peace, clarity, love and happiness. The up and downs of life made us create our own life story on top of these feelings. We are caught within our story and may have forgotten or are unable to access the pure qualities with their feelings of “lightness” and “effortlessness”. The fine impulses of the Energy Stream Therapy help in a gentle way to feel and remember them and heal the wounds of life and beyond. Experiencing the qualities of consciousness enables us to understand the aspects of life so we can relax in our own story, find our inner balance, and grow to our full potential.


om-yoga-women-meditatingYou have experiences of unconditional love from your mother, you may know the feeling of love to your partner or child…or you are searching for the “big love” in your life. Have you observed that this love is “depending”: I love you as long as you…, I love you because I need you…, I love you because you provide the lifestyle I want… And as soon as the loved person doesn’t fulfill your illusion the feeling of love quickly changes into other feelings.

Love expressed in the one of the Energy Streams qualities doesn’t need another being to exist. It is not depending on any person or circumstances. It is within you, or better it is flowing through you. There is no need to add somebody or something. It is complete as it is.

The impulses of the Energy Stream Therapy makes you feel the complete Love and consciously or unconsciously understand that everything else is just an illusion and the “hunt” for depending love can cease. From this point you are able to meet a partner free of any “luggage”, eye to eye and without any demand.