Distance Healing


Distance Healing
for yourself and/or your home

Distance Healing does work and can be very powerful. The distance healing for yourself will be accompanied (before and after the healing) by Skype or phone calls to support the process. An energetic cleansing of your home ( low energies,  not welcomed spirits etc) is also possible with a distance healing. Why not give it a try and feel the difference one session alone can make.


What to expect at a distance healing for yourself?

During the agreed time you make yourself comfortable either in an armchair or on your bed. You take precaution that you are not interrupted by anybody or anything – this is your time! During the session people report of experiencing tingling in the body and a very deep relaxation. You may fall asleep or get a bit disorientated afterwards. Therefore, avoid mega activities after the session, instead have a quite time and stay with the feelings of this experience.


Benefits Distance Healing (as described by Ron Lavin):

1) Pain relief, this sought-after result is often immediate.
2) Improved sense of well being and quality of life.
3) Reduced stress and anxiety.
4) Balancing and strengthening the immune system.
5) Accelerated recovery from invasive or surgical procedures.
6) Increased personal growth and self-awareness.
7) Trauma release due to emotional or physical causes.
8) Aid in spiritual concerns: end-of-life issues.

What does it cost?

Energetic cleansing of your home, one home healing: £ 30
Taster one-off distance healing without phone/skype session: £ 30
Distance healing with phone/skype session: £ 60
If you book 6 sessions 10% discount applies: £ 324
Upfront payment required.


Please email Petra and state your full name and briefly your issues or concerns.